FiskHacks II

An Initiative to Diversify CS!

October 21-23 | Fisk University

Hosted at Fisk University, one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCUs), FiskHacks is the first ever Hackathon to call HBCUs in Tennessee its home.

Come join us to meet some amazing talents like you, learn something new and develop something that you have always wanted to build.


A little about who we are

FiskHacks is the first ever hackathon to call HBCUs in Tennessee its home. It is an initiative by students at Fisk University to train college and high school students, from minority groups, with technology-related skill sets in an effort to diversify the workforce. After the success of our first event on Spring 2016, we are back with the second hackathon this fall. About 200 students from various schools in the US will be competing to become better programmers under the mentorship of professionals from leading tech companies.

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